The Spa at Kiridara

Our treatments are thoughtfully created to rebalance body, mind and spirit capturing the essence of Kiridara.

It is a pleasure to welcome you to THE SPA, situated at the top of the Kiridara hotel your spa experience takes in the commanding views across a stunning Luang Prabang scene.

Our treatments are thoughtfully created to rebalance body, mind and spirit capturing the essence of Kiridara. A holistic approach synergizes our wish to offer authentic, skillfully delivered spa treatments which continue to evoke a reviving experience long after your visit.

The Spa at Kiridara also offers an opportunity to experience one of Lao's most time honored cleansing traditions, the herbal steam bath. Using herbs grown and nurtured within the grounds of our spas own medicinal garden, we take therapeutic bathing to extraordinary levels of luxury.

Whether refreshing the body before our signature NUAT BOUHAN massage, combining in an afternoon of steam, body scrub and massage decadence at The Spa or simply wishing to cleanse and tone the body during your stay.


Nuat Bouhan 90 Mins

This signature Kiridara full body massage is performed without oil and has been created to embrace the essence of Laos and stretching whilst indulging the body, uncluttering the mind and nourishing the soul.

Nuat Phon Khai 60/90 Mins

A relaxing full body oil massage that has been uniquely crafted from a selection of favored styles and includes Swedish and Lymphatic drainage techniques to ease your stress away.

Nuat Palang 60/90 Mins

This treatment is perfect for those who work out or prefer a firmer massage treatment. Releasing deep seated tension and reducing long borne aches and pains. Relieving areas of physical stress though a sequence of finely tuned massage strokes.

Kiridara Moment 30 Mins

A skillfully delivered Back-Shoulders-Neck-Head massage OR Foot Massage by our therapists with nurturing approach to remove the long exhausting work days and put you in a state of sublime relaxation.

Body Treatments

Body Scrubs 30 Mins

Polish and cleanse your skin with our refreshing salt and lemongrass scrub. Delivering a glow and vitality it effectively removes the dead surface layer of skin. A great way to prepare the body before any massage!

Body Wrap 60 Mins

This nourishing Tamarind wrap, rich in vital vitamins and minerals, is applied as a luxurious paste to the whole body, permeating the skin it helps feed the body with anti-oxidants. You are then cocooned while a restful head massage is performed.

The Steam 30 Mins

Experience our ONLY AT LAOS herbal steam which is created by natural sources of firewood and local herbs. Immediate effect for skin rejuvenation and help to release tense and stiffness in your muscles.